William Faddis

Founding Partner

Mr. Faddis is one of the founding partners of ISM Services, Inc. A graduate of California University, Pennsylvania. Having ARCHIBUS Advanced Training. Owning Faddis Communications Internet Services that served over 700 dial-up, satellite, and wireless internet customers that maintained 99.994 percent network uptime over the life of the service.

Mr. Faddis served 14 years in the U.S. Army performing in logistics and asset management roles. He also served as a Special Projects Officer in the United States Army Aviation Logistics School.

In 2001, Mr. Faddis began working with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) Facility Management to support the implementation of a Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Program. Serving as Project Manager, the project involved the implementation of the ARCHIBUS Space module. Mr. Faddis increased the completeness and accuracy of asset and facilities data from 60-70 percent to above 95 percent.

Mr. Faddis served as Program Manager responsible for the overall success of the Defense/CEETA program with services in the form of a study to determine the level of effort required to implement a formal Total Asset Management (TAM) Program.

Mr. Faddis served as Program Manager at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) as Project Manager that developed the implementation plan for the implementation of the ARCHIBUS Space and People Module. He categorized and polylined all DIA space and created an interface to transfer personnel and space data between ARCHIBUS and PeopleSoft.

Paul Williams

Founding Partner

Mr. Williams is the founding partner of ISM Services, Inc. Graduate of Bradley University of Peoria, Illinois. Having Total Quality Management Training and Primavera Project Planner (P3) Training.

Mr. Williams served as the Owner's Authorized Representative for the construction of a 50,000 square foot addition at the Air Force Communication Support Facility and provided in-depth technical support, project design and drawing reviews, specification and submittal reviews, cost estimating, scheduling and schedule analysis, change order review, and oversight of the construction of the facility. He also assisted with the development of move-in requirements (furniture, equipment, network connectivity) for planned occupants.

Mr. Williams served as Project and Program Manager and provided professional services to the facilities branch of National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Work products and responsibilities included the creation of a master schedule template for site schedules, schedule integration for Agency wide Master Schedule, master budgets, strategic planning, telecommunications design and review, development of facilities budgets and Government estimates, renovation projects, and Condition Assessment.

Mr. Williams served as Senior Project Manager for the Defense/CEETA with preliminary Total Asset Management (TAM) services in the form of a study to determine the level of effort to implement a formal TAM program. Provided manpower and professional resources for a 120-day study to develop the plan and schedule for the implementation of an integrate, Agency-specific TAM program for Defense/CEETA.

Mr. Williams provided scheduling, Real Property and Lease integration, and management oversight services in support of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Program. He developed all program scheduled and performed analyses to determine program performance and implemented ARCHIBUS Real Property and Lease module to integrate multiple, disparate spreadsheets and databases.

Software Design Services

George MacBeth

Director Software Design Services

Mr. MacBeth has over 17 years of extensive software development background specializing in building solutions within the ARCHIBUS environment. He has built ground-up solutions in ARCHIBUS and developed a comprehensive Environmental Asset Management solution for ARCHIBUS – TEAMS. Mr. MacBeth has also been a key member for government customers in managing data centers using ShowRack/ARCHIBUS. Mr. MacBeth’s extensive and wide-ranging experience in the ShowRack and ARCHIBUS fields are unmatched to what he can offer a client.

Mr. MacBeth built a ground-up solution within the ARCHIBUS environment for a government customer to manage and automate their annual Facility Data Call (FDC). Mr. MacBeth worked closely with the stakeholders to ensure accurate requirement gathering, data integrity with external systems, system security, and integration of their established workflow in the final product. He designed and built a comprehensive key management / Access Management system which he implemented.

Mr. MacBeth developed and deployed a transactional space chargeback system for Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. He streamlined the ARCHIBUS Project Management, Compliance Management, and Environmental Health and Safety Modules and adjusted ARCHIBUS software to match processes. He received the ARCHIBUS Top Gun Award in 2008, and his development team was awarded the ARCHIBUS Developer Network Developer of the Year Award in 2008 and 2009.

Mr. MacBeth is a retired Noncommissioned Officer from the US Army. He held various positions in the US Army including Chief of Fire Direction Center of a Multiple Launch Rocket System Battery, Battalion level Retention Noncommissioned Officer, and Battery Level Training Noncommissioned Officer. Mr. MacBeth was a Distinguished Honor Graduate of the US Army NCO Academy for the Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course (BNCOC). His awards include the Bronze Star Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Kuwait Liberation Medal, and the Southwest Asia Service Medal.