21 Sep

ISM Services, Inc. Names Senior Managers

ISM Services, Inc. Names Senior Managers

Today, ISM Services Incorporated announced the promotion of two team members as part of the company’s vision and growth strategy.  George MacBeth was named as Director of Engagement and Brian Everley was named as Director of Support.

“As two of ISM’s most senior employees, George MacBeth and Brian Everley have both made tremendous contributions to our company.” said Paul Williams, President and Co-Founder of ISM. “ISM would not be where we are now without their hard work and dedication.  Their promotions are well deserved.  We look forward to them playing a major part in the next phase of ISM’s growth.”

Mr. MacBeth was formerly the firm’s Director of Software Design Services.  As head of ISM’s newly formed Engagement Division, he will now oversee the company’s customer-facing activities.

Mr. Everley was promoted to his new position from Manager of Special Projects and will oversee the company’s Support Division.  Support provides customer service, help desk, and training support for ISM’s customers.

To align with its 10-year vision and growth strategy, ISM recently streamlined its business units into Engagement, Support, Innovation, and Technical Services.  Engagement will handle all customer-facing implementation and sustainment activities.  Support will cover customer service, help desk, and training activities.  Innovation will handle internal development projects and development of OEM software solutions.  Technical Services will manage ISM’s Internet of Things (IoT) and other technical hardware projects.


ISM Services Incorporated is a facilities IT company that specializes in the development, implementation, and sustainment of facilities and asset management software solutions. Headquartered in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania, ISM has satellite offices in Pittsburgh, San Antonio, and Washington, DC. For more information, visit www.ism-corp.us.

We are a facilities IT company instead of an IT company that implements facilities IT solutions.  Why is that important? We understand facilities. We don’t just install software; we leverage the facilities experience of our employees to deliver solutions that address the needs of facilities managers.