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DGS Announcement

DGS Announcement

By ism, On March 29, 2018

ISM is pleased to announce a five-year contract from the District of Columbia ...


As with all aspects of our industry, responding to our client’s needs in the time frames they demand, is still our top priority. Often this means creative solutions to staffing or outsourcing of our work. When faced with the daunting task of putting a significant part of my staff on a project site to create existing conditions drawings, I realized I needed help. ISM Services jumped at the opportunity to help us record the existing conditions in two buildings without the benefit of even hard copy plans. They were successful in completing the task in the promised time frame, recorded the findings in CAD and we were able to meet the clients expectations. Bates Architects now uses ISM without hesitation and refers them directly to our clients when the need arises.
C. Marty Bates, AIA / President, Bates Architects, PC
ISM Services, Inc. will produce quality architect ready as-built CAD plans for your business or organization in a timely professional manner. The accurate detailed CAD plans created by ISM have become an extremely beneficial asset to Duquesne’s Facilities Management Division. Now, along with our architectural and engineering consultants, we are able to create precise designs and calculations with confidence.
Richard J. Florian / Facilities Management, Duquesne University
We won a 3D virtual design contest at the Pittsburgh Home show. We were planning to update the kitchen and suggested that be modeled. ISM (Randy Litton and Kyle Boutchyard) came to our home, measured, and took pictures and told us that they would keep in touch. At this point we had no idea what to expect. When the design was finished Randy and Kyle came again to show us our planned new kitchen. Putting on the 3D goggles…what we saw was amazing! We had the ability to change counter tops, paint color, floor material, and anything else. Seeing the design in virtual reality allowed us to decide on materials and colors. Without seeing this, we may have made some costly mistakes in our choices. Kyle was the designer for our project and he is a creative genius. He offered some ideas that we would never have thought of ourselves. These small additions changed our design from a standard kitchen remodel to a kitchen with a real “WOW” factor. What ISM provided was far above our expectations. Seeing what we designed allowed us to know what we did right and change the things that were not quite right. All in all, seeing our design in 3D reality gave us the confidence that what we finally decided will be the right choice and make a beautiful kitchen.
John Marklewicz / Contest Winner for Kitchen Renovation
I have been extremely pleased working with ISM Services, Inc. and have been surprised with how quickly and professionally the firm has handled our project. ISM Services, Inc. was very positive right from the outset of our project. We have appreciated their expert opinions throughout the process and their patience with the questions and ideas we've proposed. The entire house has turned out exactly how we imagined it. The guidance they have offered us was simply a reflection of their guidance within the firm. We doubt we would have received that caliber of service at another firm. Thank you for designing an amazing home and making the design phase truly an enjoyable experience. Overall, the pricing and quality of services offered by ISM Services, Inc. represents a good value for their clients. The whole team were very helpful at all times and are well recommended! Thank you.
Thomas Tretheway / Smola Construction Company


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