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As a leader in the development and implementation of Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) Solutions, ISM Services, Inc. brings a depth of experience through helping clients achieve success by understanding their needs, refining day-to-day operations and processes, and implementing a single source for information. Through this process, we are allowing them to realize cost savings in new efficiencies while at the same time improving upon executive level reporting.

Clients demand and deserve a completely satisfying solution on every project and ISM Services, Inc. differentiates itself through its commitment to understanding the client's needs, being there for the long haul, and performing above the client's expectations on every project.

ISM Services, Inc. accomplishes this through interviews with Key Stakeholders, perform a Business Process Review, and conduct a System Needs Analysis. By going through these processes, it allows our clients to manage their assets more efficiently; track maintenance; establish preventative maintenance schedules; setup a call center for IT support; track leases, projects, and contracts; monitor their carbon footprint and energy consumption; and integrate with other systems.

Benefits to our clients in using ARCHIBUS include:

    Property Managers Increase Revenue
  • Define appropriate square footage
  • Determine actual cost to run the building
  • Assure that appropriate maintenance is performed for longer life of building equipment
    Companies Consolidate Operations
  • Determine level of vacancies in each building
  • Cost to run each building - which building is running most efficiently
  • Average utility costs for region
    Building Managers
  • Establish a baseline of day-to-day maintenance
  • Assure that preventative maintenance is being performed to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Justify staffing requirements based on average workload
    Time Savings
  • Assets depreciated is automated in the system
  • Audits expedited due to ease of reported required information
  • Benchmarking internally and externally
    IT Departments
  • Tracking assets
  • Telecom tracing
  • Tracking service tickets to actual assets
  • Tracking computer equipment that has been issued to each person or department

We are able to provide the ARCHIBUS system and all of our services to any organization in the United States and to any type of organization. We have also established a contract with The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) that allows us to directly sell the software and services at a discounted price to any government, education, or non-profit organization.

Our experience as a company includes Federal Government (classified and unclassified), Education, Non-Profits, and large Corporations. Additionally, our staff has ARCHIBUS and ARCHIBUS-related experience in all levels of Government, Real Estate, Education, Parks, and Manufacturing.

ISM Services, Inc.'s expertise, knowledge, and services across the industries and government agencies sets us apart in our capability to partner with clients and achieve strategic and operational goals. Our team of experts brings the knowledge gained from a wide range of projects. We recognize that our future is based on our ability to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Additionally, we employ an experienced staff that maintains the highest levels of security and are capable of performing services in highly secure areas of government. Because of these security clearances, it allows us to retain government agencies, and thus attracting and retaining government clients requiring security clearances to work on projects, also providing superior client value, fueling further growth.

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