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Choosing ISM Services, Inc. to deliver your IWMS software suite will minimize Cost to Implement, limit Risk, shorten Timelines, and maximize Return-on-Investment. ISM Services, Inc. is an ARCHIBUS Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and a member of the ARCHIBUS Developer Network. Our depth of experience enables us to swiftly deliver solutions that fit our client's needs, allowing them to focus on their core business.


We specialize in the maintenance of new and established IWMS systems. Unlike many in the industry, we strive to create long-lasting partnerships with our customers and help them maximize the return on their IWMS investment. Data also shows that almost 90% of self-maintained IWMS implementations fail. Depending on the requirement, we are able to operate and maintain IWMS systems with on-site staff, off-site staff, or a combination of the two.
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No two groups or organizations are ever alike. Almost all organizations have a lexicon of their own (names for things and places), unique business processes, a myriad of systems, as well as needs for information. For this reason, most of our customers require that we personalize their IWMS platform to suit their organization. Personalization reduces the training required for personnel to become familiar with the system and produces reporting that is more relevant to the organization, increasing the adoption of the platform.


The modern IT environment is a complex web of systems; each aimed at the specific needs of the group that they support. ISM Services, Inc. helps its customers create an integrated corporate dataset by integrating their IWMS platform with the other Source Systems of Record (SSOR) within the organization. Creating an integrated corporate dataset leverages the data from authoritative data sources, greatly increases the Return-on-Investment, and reduces the total operating cost of each participating system by reducing the administrative and operational overhead required.

Cloud-Based Computing

ISM Services, Inc. has a great deal of experience in implementing and maintaining IWMS software suites on cloud-based platforms. We are cloud partners with both Microsoft and Amazon and support cloud-based IWMS systems for several of our current customers.

Access Control

System Access Control is becoming more and more complicated. Multi-part authentication, tokens, and ID cards are becoming more and more prevalent and IWMS services providers need to have the technical expertise to be able to provide access to the IWMS software while ensuring that all necessary access control requirements are met. ISM Services, Inc. has industry-leading experience and expertise in providing system access solutions on systems ranging from commercial networks to classified networks for the United States Government. We are familiar with many access control methods including SAML, LDAP, Common Access Card (CAC), Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card, PKI, token, third party appliance, and others.
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System Analysis

Performing a System Analysis allows organizations to determine the current state of their IWMS system. ISM Services, Inc. specializes in the review of existing IWMS software suites. We work with the customer to identify the baseline capabilities of the system and perform a fit-gap analysis between the as-found system and their current and future requirements to create an accurate IWMS Roadmap.

Accreditation Support

Certification and Accreditation (C&A or CnA) is formal process required by many institutions and government agencies that involves the evaluation, documentation, testing, and authorization of systems or activities prior to allowing a system to be used in a production environment. While the CnA requirements vary wildly between organizations, ISM Services, Inc. has experience achieving Authority to Operate (ATO) on systems ranging from public universities to member agencies of the United States Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Software Upgrades

All software vendors put out periodic updates to their software. These updates often add features and provide patches to known bugs within the software. We work with our customer stakeholders to incorporate version upgrades into our Technology Roadmaps. That allows us to limit disruption to the user base, schedule necessary resources, and closely manage customer expectations. We have developed a formal upgrade process that we use for every project; large or small.

Platform Migration

When an organization decides to change IWMS platforms, ISM Services, Inc. can provide the necessary planning and implementation services. We have a of experience in the necessary field mapping, data migration, business process and workflow rule changes, and training and familiarization required to seamlessly migrate a customer from their old IWMS platform to the new one.
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Roadmap Development

A technology roadmap is a graphic document that is used to communicate a plan for technology plans for an organization. Working with our customers, we develop outyear plans (typically 5 years) that merge IWMS software capabilities and upgrades, IT initiatives, and organizational, industry, or government policies that could impact the IWMS system. The development of roadmaps allows our customers to properly align resources to support the program, remove roadblocks, and effectively communicate within their organization.

Analysis of Alternatives

ISM Services, Inc. has a great deal of experience assisting our customers with the analysis of alternatives for IWMS software suites. An Analysis of Alternatives, or AoA, is an evaluation practice that compares software suites against a requirement and each other and eliminates systems that are technically or financially unfeasible. The remaining software suites are reviewed and ranked based on total cost of ownership and further analysis of capabilities. It helps stakeholders to identify and select software portfolio investments that will maximize benefit (achieve essential performance goals and objectives) within availability, affordability, cost, sustainability, and risk constraints.

Drawing Maintenance

The modern facility is constantly changing. From construction projects to simple renovations and reconfigurations, floorplans become quickly outdated. ISM services, Inc. can supply dedicated staff to work with facilities managers, designers, and contractors to manage drawing changes and make sure that the record drawings are kept up to date.

Drawing Polylining and Linking

When an organization implements an IWMS system or a customer with an existing IWMS system brings new facilities into their inventory, the drawings must be polylined and linked in order for IWMS data to be able to be displayed on floorplans. ISM Services, Inc. has been performing this for our customers since we began operations in 2005. Our current inventory of managed space exceeds 300 million square feet.
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Mapping/CAD/REVIT Integration

For many of our customers, we assist in the implementation of Overlay add-ins for AutoCAD, Revit, and ESRI ARC-GIS. These overlay tools allow the IWMS software to seamlessly exchange data with and display data in and from foreign systems. As an example, utilizing the ESRI overlay allows ESRI mapping information and data to be displayed within the IWMS system and IWMS data to be displayed on ESRI maps. This opens IWMS systems up to new universes of useful information.

Facility CAD Surveys

In order to maintain accurate facility drawings, periodic CAD surveys must be completed. Since beginning operations in 2005, we have performed countless surveys to maintain the accuracy of the CAD drawings for our customers to ensure that the IWMS floor plans reflect the most accurate information available. We currently manage over 300 million square feet of space for our customers and perform CAD surveys for much of it.

Space Audits

Audits of space and occupancy are necessary to maintain the accuracy of the space information contained within an IWMS system. Even with the advances in technology that help automatically update occupancy data, manual audits are still necessary. These space audits can be performed in conjunction with CAD surveys or performed as a stand-alone action. Our personnel have experience performing these audits in facilities ranging from commercial office space to Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). We strongly recommend establishing a rolling audit of all space within an organization.


To assist personnel with finding locations and assets within a building or campus, most facilities and IT managers barcode space and equipment. This is often a daunting task given the sheer numbers of items (offices, cubicles, IT assets, etc.) that must be barcoded. We help our customers develop a barcoding scheme that meets their requirements and can perform the physical barcoding as well.
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