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Move Management

Since beginning operations in 2005, ISM Services, Inc. has been performing move planning and execution for our customers. We have experience in classified and unclassified moves ranging from single person moves within the same building to large, group moves between sites in different states.

IT Roadmap Development

We work closely with stakeholders to help them develop realistic, accurate IT roadmaps.

IT Project Management

Our project managers can help your organization manage complex IT-related projects. We’ll plan, organize, and monitor your projects to insure your organization achieves its information technology goals. Information Technology supports and affects the majority of any organization and the scope of IT projects can be large and complex. Don’t put the IT well-being of your organization at risk.

Scheduling Services

ISM Services, Inc. is experienced in the development and maintenance of complex construction and IT schedules using industry leading software like Oracle’s Primavera and Microsoft Project. We can also perform forensic analysis of schedules in support of claims.

Requirements Facilitation

Requirements Facilitation is both an art and a science. It requires consultants to work very closely with customers to gain a deep understanding of the business processes and underlying business needs that a system or capability must address. If done properly, it leads to a well-designed, efficient system that meets all of the requirements of the customer and is adopted with little to no resistance. All too often, however, consultants “leap to a solution” without a clear understanding of the operational and fundamental needs of the end user. This leads to delays in rollout and resistance from end users as they feel that their voices weren’t heard. Many customers also find it hard to state what they really need. ISM Services, Inc. applies an iterative approach to Requirements Facilitation to ensure that the user’s voice is heard and that all requirements are documented and included in the delivered product.

Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Reengineering involves the redesign of core business processes to achieve improvements in efficiency, productivity, response times, and quality. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, ISM Services, Inc. helps companies rethink existing processes to deliver more value to their organizations, its employees, and customers.

Organizational Change Management

IT Organizational Change is when a group alters a major component of the technology or infrastructure it uses to operate. It is usually results from Business Process Reengineering. In support of Organizational Change, IT Organizational Change Management (OCM) is the method of communicating those changes and removing obstacles to adoption. This is typically performed in three phases: Preparation, Implementation, and Follow-Through. ISM Services, Inc. regularly performs OCM for our customers. We have seen firsthand how it reduces resistance to change and improves adoption rates for new systems, organizational changes, and business processes.

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